see me, hear me project 

Bangladesh, Indonesia & Sudan - 2018

Facilitated in Australia, the program aimed to build the skills and capacity of Muslim women working in the film and media industry in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sudan and provide a platform to discuss and develop strategies for addressing gender equality in the media at a local, national and international level. An output of the project was a collection of 4 short films that were released at an event in Brisbane on International Women’s Day 2018. View the films here. 


Philippines - 2016

A collaboration with The Welcome Home Foundation, Inc. (WHFI) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation serving the deaf people of the Philippines in three main ways: education, ministry and outreach. The idea was to teach and create a lyrical Hip-Hop piece inspired by sign language.  Check out a video diary of the project here. 

Feto hamutuk project

Timor-Leste & Australia - 2015

Women’s empowerment through arts and media, as well as the experience of sisterhood, was the core strategy that underpinned this project, which brought 11 female dancers, actors, musicians and filmmakers from Timor-Leste to Australia for one month of intensive creative and professional development in June and July 2015. The performance, a short documentary about the process, and a catch up with the women 2 years after the project, are available for viewing here. 

Dansa Hamutuk project

Timor-Leste - 2014

In January 2014 Kinetic Collective’s Madeleine Boyd, Stephanie Stainlay and Erika Goldsmith travelled to Timor-Leste to facilitate one month of Hip-Hop and Bollywood workshops in Dili and on Ataúro Island.  Check out the video diary from the trip here. 


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