Never End, Never Mine 


Rachma Safitri | Indonesia | 2018 | 4 minutes



A young hardworking woman who is happy with her career cannot escape the barrage of questions from friends and family asking, “Why are you not married yet?”


The story

A happy Indonesian woman shares her story with the world. At 32-years-old she works as a youth facilitator and journalist, who travels regularly for work. She’s happy to answer any number of questions, except one — “Why are you not married yet?” But as the years go by, more and more people ask. The questions even begin to extend beyond marriage, becoming increasingly personal.


About Rachma Safitri

Rachma Safitri is the executive director of Kampung Halaman, a nonprofit organisation founded in 2006, which aims to strengthen the role of teenagers and youth in the community. Safitri joined the organisation in 2014 after working as a communication and knowledge management specialist. Her role as executive director includes working closely with program managers to ensure Kampung Halaman’s programs allow youth from all over Indonesia to state/express their perspective, in their own creative ways.


Safitri is also an awarded photojournalist, whose work has appeared on the cover National Geographic Indonesia. She produced “Never End, Never Mind” while participating in the See Me Hear Me project, which was funded under the Australian Awards Fellowship.


Director’s statement

The inspiration for this film comes from my personal experience and my anxiety. Currently, single women in Indonesia face a lot of pressure, which may be something that also occurs in Asia and the world more broadly. The pressure seems to be coming from many different directions. If, in the past, it had just come from parents, now it also comes from others; there is social pressure and peer pressure. Some people use religion to impose their will on others. Through this film I want to convey that women have the right to find their own way of happiness, to decide the right time to experience something (like marriage) and to make choices about their life.