Joshua Wong

I started as a street dancer in 2015 and since then have competed nationally and internationally both individually and with my crew. I am also an actor and poet, completing an Adv. Diploma in Acting for Stage and Screen at the Performing Arts Conservatory in Brisbane in 2017. As a freelancer I continue to develop, integrate and explore these forms.


I believe that the freedom of creative arts allows individuals to observe and dissect issues within society and ignite conversations about how we can change. As a dancer I specialise in the style called Krump (a sub-culture of Hip-Hop), which focuses heavily on story-telling. In 2016, I became a member of “Hot Chocolate” one of Brisbane’s most multi-faceted groups with members that specialise in a wide variety of styles from dancehall to flexing to tutting to breakdance.


As an individual I recently travelled to London and developed “The Human Jukebox”. I am currently the producer of a project that will bring the creator and current world champion of Krump to Brisbane in August 2018.


In 2016 I began working as a youth facilitator for Street University, where I met Kinetic Collective member Erika Goldsmith. I joined Kinetic Collective in 2018 and feel humbled and inspired to begin collaborating with such an incredible crew.

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